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Professional Resume Service...

Make an Investment in Your Future!

Many of the job seekers I talk to question the value of professional resume services. They reason they are the best qualified to prepare their job seeking materials.

However, unless you've had professional resume training, doing your own marketing materials could end up being an expensive mistake, possibly costing you the job of your dreams.

Let's face it. You've probably spent untold sums of money and effort to get your career on track: college or other professional training...on-the-job training...continuing education and specialized training. You've probably also devoted years to building your professional and work experience. Now is not the time to short-change yourself by skimping on your career marketing portfolio.

Even professionally trained resume writers often turn to other professionals when it comes time to prepare their personal resumes. It is simply too hard to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses - to strongly and confidently state your qualifications and achievements.

Added to this is the modern hiring practice of using computer scanners to sort through resumes submitted for consideration. If your resume is not correctly formatted with keywords and phrases prominently featured in the opening lines of your resume, it will be automatically kicked out - and you won't get a second look.

When you engage the services of a career consultant, he or she will ask you the probing questions necessary to identify the key achievements in your work or academic history that will set you apart from other applicants. The consultant will be able to help you focus on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. And the consultant can provide you with the complete and seamless package you will need for your job search: handsomely formatted resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile.

It is particularly important to engage professional help when you are starting out or transitioning from one career to another Military people also often need professional assistance when moving from military to civilian life. And if you've been on the "mommy track" and want to get back into the job market, contacting a resume professional could make the difference between success and failure.

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